There were once two peasants named Alambil and Rhaegal Caprius. They had just recently married and had decided to settle down in the small village of Garren Hollow. Settling down and having a home was important to the young couple because Rhaegel was a merchant and traveled all the time. When the plague hit and everyone moved away Alambil and Rhagel were never heard from again until now...

Five years after the plague Alambil and Rhaegal are found on a island along with there pirate friends Anne Boney and her crew along with the villagers. The couple were searching for a new place to live while escaping the plague and trying to make a living. They managed to get passage on a ship to sail to a new world but on there way a storm hit and there boat went down. The couple survived and landed on the island unaware Anne Boney and her crew were already in charge of the place.


While they looked around searching for food and supplies for shelter Anne and her crew surprised them and brought them back to the village. 


There they were given a room on top of the Inn and made to work and told to do whatever the crew needed. Alambil and Rhaegal didn't mind, the crew weren't mean to them just very playful. Alambil and Rhaegal worked very hard day and night not just at the Inn but along side the villagers as well. The pirates and especially Anne Boney took notice as did the villagers. Alambil and Rhaegal quickly made friends and earned the respect of there new home. 


Time went by and then one night Anne Boney and her crew asked to see Alambil and Rhaegal. 


It was a clear beautiful night with the stars shining bright and beautiful. Alambil and Rhaegal were just about to head home to dinner when one of the crew told them they were needed immediately. Not knowing what for they followed only guessing what could be the reason Anne could want to see them.


When they arrived they were surprised to not only see Anne but the entire crew waiting for them. The couple sat down and waited to hear what Anne had to say.


Anne explained how impressed she was with the couple not only at there hard work but at how fast they had gained the villagers respect. Alambil and Rhaegal sat silent. Anne went on to say that her and her crew were looking for someone to look after things while they were gone on there next adventure and they had chosen them. 


Alambil and Rhaegal were shocked they couldn't believe what they were hearing. Lead the village? How? They had never done that before. It was a lot of responsibility and clearly they couldn't say no because... Well... How do you say no to a pirate?


Alambil and Rhaegal said they would do there best. Anne was delighted and sent them home telling them they would start in the morning. 


A restless sleep followed a long night. Both Alambil and Rhaegal were nervous to start there new roles as leaders of the village. They didn't fall into easily but over time it came without difficulty. The village grew to love them as leaders so much so that after months of being out at sea they talked to Anne and her crew about making it permanent.


Anne and her crew agreed to the new rulers after all they got to go on more adventures that way. Anne and her crew and the villagers all agreed that Alambil and Rhaegal had ruled justly like a King and Queen so they decided to name them King and Queen. Alambil and Rhaegal agreed but on the condition that everything be equal and they were allowed to keep helping the villagers daily. They were after all not used to being rich and had no need. Everyone agreed and decided to make the couple simple but beautiful crowns to wear only when they chose.