Help Save the Laughter 

Brought to you by the Hilarious Ric Roc

Every Bit Helps


Become a Partner

Through your generous contribution  we will be abele to help a very deserving man dealing with a very serious disease. Cancer. Your donation will help to pay for any bills related to this terrible disease. With this contribution you will receive a invite for you and one person to our participant dinner Saturday night at faire as a thank you for helping this wonderful man and his family.  Along with this contribution you will also be mentioned in our flyer as a sponsor and partner.



Community Contribution

He makes you laugh until your sides get sore and then he makes you laugh even more. Rick Carver also known as Ric Roc has bought laughter and joy to the Renaissance community for more then 20 years. He has been a mentor, leader, friend, and so much more. He spreads joy and laughter everywhere he goes. This year Ric was diagnosed with Throat cancer and has been battling it hard for months.  With your contribution  Ric Roc and his family will be able to pay for medical bills due to this terrible disease. Along with your contribution you will receive a  free ticket to our participant dinner on Saturday night of the faire and mentioned in our flyer as a sponsor. 



Organizational Support

We at Spirited Seas Renaissance Faire are dedicated to helping people, the community and any one in need. This year our beneficiary is a dear friend, mentor, and so much more to so many people. Rick Carver also known as Ric Roc in the Renaissance community has been spreading joy and laughter for more then 20 years to audiences and faire people alike. Whether is doing a show or not Ric always has a joke or kind word to say to everyone he sees. This year Ric was diagnosed with Throat Cancer.

  He has been fighting hard along side his family. Now its our turn to help him fight as well.  Through your generous contribution you will receive a free ticket for you and one guests to use on either Saturday or Sunday of Faire. You will also be mentioned in the flyer as a sponsor for helping to this amazing cause.