Meet The Crew

The Queen

Puffy dresses, balls, knitting, a well bred lady for any King. Not this Queen. She looks to get down in the mud and work along side her people. Puffy dresses are not her thing unless she has to wear one for appearances. She would rather wear a pair of riding pants and a pirate coat and go exploring any day. You'll most likely find her practicing her sword fighting skills or helping a villager in need. If doing neither then she's taking a swim in the lake around the island or running through mud puddles. Once thing is for sure this Queen is anything but ordinary.

The King

The King is very similar to the Queen. He would rather work among the villagers, swim in the lake, play with the Queen and Princess and walk among the people then war a pair of uncomfortable clothing. In fact you like the Queen you will often find the King among the people tending the fields, helping build structures, or fixing something that recently broke. He is always busy doing something to help the people in the village along with his wife the Queen and daughter the Princess. Rarely does he dress up unless he has to on special occasions. 

The Princess

Just like her mother the Queen, this Princcess is anything but a puffy dress loving, tea party kind of girl. She loves to jump in mud puddles with her mother the Queen, train in sword fighting, play tricks on her friends and go for a swim in the lake on hot summer days. You can often find her around her best friends the pirates laughing and having a good time or with her mother the Queen helping out in the village. 

The Captain

Sailing into the Island a few years back the Captain bccame fast friends with the King and Queen. Though she may appear serious she can be found enjoying a hearty laugh with their Royal Majesties and even joining in on their crazy antics now and again. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to the Knights and their Royal Majesties at any given moment. A more loyal friend and subject there is not in the land.

The Duchess

The Duchess is a fair and kind soul. Though stern she is the one to go to for answers in any matters regarding how things need to be run around the Island especially on important occasions. Her multitasking and time keeping is ever awe inspiring as she manages to get people where they need to go and in the correct locations at all times. The Island would not run as smoothly as it would without her. The King and Queen and even the Captain has said how lucky they all are the Duchess is always in a good when she is busy keeping track of times and schedules. 

The Knights

Loyal, True, Chiverous, Honest, Kind and so much more. These Knights are not the ones you hear about in fairy tales but they come close enough. They have all traveled from different parts from foreign lands and have sworn to protect their Royal Majestics and the Island. Not because they were forced to because they wanted to of there own free will. Each Knight helps in the village where needed while also defending the Island from invaders if there should ever be any. They are brave and strong and always on guard but also have the biggest hearts of gold in the world.